How much is underfloor heating

There are two types of underfloor heating systems ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ systems. Wet systems are made up of flexible hot water pipes laying underneath the flooring that are heating by your standard boiler that powers your traditional radiators.
Dry systems are electric heating cables or mats that lay beneath the tiles or laminate flooring but not carpets as it is too thick for the electrical heat to penetrate.

All figures on this page are worked out based on an install into a living room 18m2 with laminate flooring with the system running 5 hours a day for 150 days per year.

How much is Wet Underfloor Heating?

Wet underfloor heating

Cost to install: £1,350 (parts kit & new flooring)
Cost to run: £65 per year

The cost per year is based on the boiler feeding the system running on either natural gas or wood burner (biomass), it will naturally cost more for an LPG or oil fed boiler. However evidence has proven over the last 30 years that due to underfloor heating requiring a lower operating temperature than radiators it does work out costing less than overall.

How much is Dry Underfloor Heating?

Dry underfloor heating

Cost to install: £900 (parts kit & new flooring)
Cost to run: £215 per year

Cost to install is cheaper than a wet system and will not raise the floor level as much, it is relatively quick and hassle free to install but there are a few drawbacks to electric underfloor heating.
Firstly the cost to run is quite staggering compared to conventional radiators or wet underfloor systems, so it is best to use sparingly, great for bathrooms or small kitchens for occasional use but certainly should not be used as a main heat source unless you have deep pockets!

So which system is best?

None! Well we are not saying that underfloor heating is no good, certainly not! Compared to bulky radiators that are great at heating up the air above the radiator but leave half the room cold, underfloor heating turns the entire floor into one giant radiator.
The point we are making is that it depends on the purpose of the system i.e. for small areas that only need heating occasionally for a touch of luxury then it works out more cost effective and less stressful to install a simple electrical underfloor heating system.

However if you are looking to reduce bills and get rid of radiators in a room or the entire house then a wet system is the only cost effective viable solution. However the cost of installing a wet system throughout your home could be £4,000-5,000 but that could probably be offset by the increase in house price because of the home improvement, we say COULD because it all depends on how much your home was worth to begin with!

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